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Get to know me! ☕️

Thank you for stopping by. I am Chandana Kashyap, a Bengaluru - born Interaction Designer based in San Francisco, California. Previously, I worked as an Experience Designer in Wongdoody (powered by Infosys). I am currently collaborating with Bond Medical to enhance the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a design-touched manner. I believe that complete transparency, collaboration, sharpies and Post-its, and coffee are the perfect concoction for a fruitful design-thinking process!

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Hello, Namaskara, Namaste! 🙏  

I signed my undergraduate thesis with the line “Behind great designs is an even better story. Go and build that story first.”

Little did I know that I’d be continuously working towards that during my Master’s in Interaction Design at California College

of the Arts! My strengths lie in Visual Design, Design Research, and Experience Design. As a graduate student, I am working

on gaining an inclusive mindset to the design process, while honing my storytelling and presentation skills, and training

myself to think systematically.

When I am not immersed in design, I can be found meditatively cooking, repurposing items and ingredients around me, professing my love for coffee, and enriching my soul by cuddling dogs (or any animal for that matter) - all of which are

great ways to start a conversation with me. With that being said, if my work got your thoughts brewing, let’s get in touch!

Some spoils from my kitchen....


Snapshots of my travels..


📍 Kodachadri

    Karnataka, India

Core memory unlocked:

My first-ever, endurance testing monsoon trek which involved walking through a waterfall!

📍 Mumbai


Core memory unlocked:

Saw the Taj Mahal Palace hotel that witnessed

the ghastly 26/11 attacks. Took a moment to acknowledge what resilience looks

like in the pages of modern history.


📍 Lepakshi

    Andhra Pradesh, India

Core memory unlocked:

My agnostic self was silenced by the beauty of the architecture of the Veerabhadra temple, which also made me question the lack of representation of South Indian kingdoms in our history books.

📍 Udaipur

    Rajasthan, India


Core memory unlocked:

I experienced living in an Indian city that resembled a painting in every frame. Walked in their royal gardens and palaces, and practiced some block printing with the local Rajasthani artisans.

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