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Data visualization reports for sales and marketing teams are informative. But, they are not the most helpful with the decision-making process.

A design lens was required to rectify this!

An overview:

We conducted a heuristic evaluation of the client's existing sales reports to understand the challenges these teams face. 

My Role: 

Stakeholder meetings

Heuristic Evaluation 

Visual and UI Design


End-to-end dashboard design 

The team

Senior Lead - Experience Designer 

Lead - Experience Designer 1

Lead - Experience Designer 2

Tools used

Adobe XD

Microsoft Office

Collaborated with

Power BI developers

Tableau developers 


1.2 years +


Countries (and counting)
across 4 continents had their reports designed and built by
the design team, as a part of
the SGI product initiative


Stakeholders in the sales
and marketing teams were interviewed regarding their
data requirements on the dashboard for their country


Sales and marketing
reports designed, standardized, unified by a design system,
validated for usability
and pushed for production

💡 The Project Brief:

TerraChem started an initiative named Sales Growth Information (SGI) for the Sales and Marketing team in their Agricultural Products vertical. The main idea behind the SGI ecosystem is to display dashboards with stakeholder-specific, dynamic, and summarised data. Redesign the dashboards in a unified manner and declutter the visuals to aid decision-making.

📦 The Deliverables:

- A design system that standardizes the UI of these

  sales dashboards that can be used by the 

   developers to make new reports.

- A set of redesigned sales dashboards with

  condensed, streamlined, and

  stakeholder-relevant data

- Dashboards customized to each region

 and market type.

The Business Problem

During our discovery meetings with the client, we uncovered some insights about the challenges TerraChem was facing in its sales and marketing teams  navigating their reports and dashboards.

Sales and Marketing teams' unfamiliarity with data analytics results in slower dashboard interpretation


Team members found dashboards too

data heavy, hence delaying the decision making process


Many team members would retire in 3-4 years,

the learning curve while using the dashboards should be low


Different regions have different market structures

The Hurdles

- Convincing all the countries that were a part of the SGI

   framework to tailor their dashboard requirements in

   accordance with the framework. 

- The dashboards are built on Power BI, a visualization tool   

   TerraChem uses. Our designs and design system should be

   a consistent extension of TerraChem's band guidelines

   across all tools used. 

Here are the hurdles we faced as a

design team while we were navigating

the project cycle.


Power BI supports 7

typefaces, 9 visuals

per scroll, and a limited

set of data visuals.

According to market types, Terrachem wanted their dashboards built

in two pre decided models - Drill down

and Guided models 


The Constraints

With every design project, comes a

set of constraints. These really made

us push our creativity to come up with

a foolproof design system and process

that met the client's expectations. 


The Power BI developers had access to the client sales data. Hence, every design had to be run by the developers to verify data availability

Key Insights

After our heuristic evaluation, and client meetings, here are some insights that we discovered about the existing sales reporting dashboards


visuals and colors,

and doesn't reflect

as a product of



tables and graphs,

lack of emphasis on

which graph to

view first

Lack of filtering

options for viewing

data that is relevant

to a specific


No established

hierarchy of header,

footer, summary

or highlights of


Deborah C, TerraChem Europe - Germany

"We in Germany have the Push and Pull market structure, hence we are particular about our distributor and retailer churn through the crop season, which is very different from China's fragmented market structure."

The refined


How might we ensure that the sales and marketing dashboards are designed in accordance with best practices for user-friendliness, while also being compliant with Power BI requirements and consistent with the client's established brand guidelines?

The Visuals

This project is a WIP.

If you'd like to know more, please reach out to me!

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