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Advancements in AI reflect rich human intelligence.
But, what if the same AI
is challenging the human who built it? 

This was demystified with a design strategist's hat!

An overview:

Today's children are tomorrow's changemakers. KAI, an education companion would help them gear up for work and the future by enhancing their 4C's.

My Role: 

Design Strategy

UX and User research

Visual Design


The team

Sonali, Shreya, Juanita, Chandana


4 months

Tools used


Tools used


Tools used



Nathan Shedroff

👩🏻‍💻 The future of work

300 million

Full time jobs could potentially be replaced by AI


Workers are in occupations that did not exist in 1940

85 million

Jobs will be replaced by machines with AI by 2025

97 million

New jobs will be created by 2025 because of AI

Source: World Economic Forum

Interviewees speak

"This (AI) is very similar to
how people burned down
printing presses as they
were worried it would take
their jobs."
After 25+ interviews, tons of article reviews and
trend analyses later, we finally asked....

🔮 How do we

Our design process

What are the 4C's?

These are the fundamental "human skills" that need to be honed from a young age.

🎨 Creative thinking

Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking

🧠 Critical 

Informed decision making after analysing a problem


Ability to work well

as a team


Articulation of thoughts in a clear and crisp manner

The Strategy:

To equip tomorrow's
changemakers, we need
to start today,
in our schools.


Focus on emotion & curiosity

Enrich a child's human skills enabling them to stay curious

Co-create, not replace

Thinking of AI as a tool, and not a competitor, using Socratic learning principles.

Spiral Development

Present recurring concepts to the child in varying difficulties

The Goldilocks zone

Personalised assistance to the child, according to their needs

Now, let's say
hi to
KAI, a personalized
AI-powered teaching assistant that adapts content to the child's pace, and helps teachers and parents contribute in a holistic way!

The important
users of KAI

Mindfully involves
parent into the
child's education

Does away with
conventional grading

Allows teachers a bird's
eye view, and control
of assignments

Allows collaboration
and expands the child's thinking skills

My Learnings

This project truly opened a lot of doors towards studying AI in depth and accommodating it into my design process as a way to improve my work.  Also, I was able to view the ways different domains delicately interact with each other strategically, and it is very important to have the foresight of unintended consequences if a group of stakeholders isn't accounted for in a design solution.

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